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Our Mission Statement:

Hickman Academy Preparatory School is constantly recognized as a preferred educational resource in the community. By empathetically listening to the needs of our families, students, employees and by aligning to outstanding resources, we are able to respond to the stakeholders by designing, developing and implementing measurable educational products, services, and an environment that is conducive to allowing our stakeholders to flourish physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually.


As a participant in the USDA child nutrition programs, including the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the School Breakfast Program (SBP), Hickman Academy Preparatory School acknowledges that childhood obesity has reached alarming levels in our Milwaukee community with children who are overweight and at a higher risk for developing long term health/medical problems and mental stress.


We encourage a healthy environment where children learn and participate in positive dietary and lifestyle practices. We promote learning, good nutrition and physical activity. We recognize our responsibility to promote a healthy learning environment by supporting wellness, good nutrition, nutrition education and regular physical activity as part of a total learning environment. Our curriculum integrates physical activity and nutrition education in all subjects. Our policies support our vision and mission as it promotes life-long wellness behaviors and links healthy nutrition and exercise to student’s overall physical and mental well-being, growth, development, and scholastic performance. Improved health through well-balanced meals, nutrition education and awareness, physical activity optimize student performance and readiness to learn. Healthy eating patterns and regular physical activity are essential for students to achieve their full academic and life potential. We are committed to serving healthy meals to our students, with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free and low-fat milk, moderate in sodium, low in saturated fat, and zero grams transfat per serving; and to meet the nutrition needs of our students within their caloric requirements for breakfast and lunch.




Student Wellness Advisory Committee: The advisory committee is comprised of students, parents, food service professionals and faculty. The Parent, Teacher & Student Association (PTSA) committee is responsible for reviewing the design and implementation of the student wellness policy and making recommendations to administration to enhance menu offerings, health education standards and parental outreach efforts.


Nutrition Education Goals: Our goal and practice is to implement nutrition promotion and education, physical and student wellness activities from preschool through middle school as part of a sequential, comprehensive health education curriculum designed to help students adopt healthy, well-balanced eating and regular exercise behaviors throughout their lifetime. We consider ourselves partners with students and parents in making good choices and decisions for a healthy lifestyle.


Physical Activity Goals: Our quality, physical education program is an essential component for all students to learn about and participate in physical activity. In addition to regular physical education class in the gym and large muscle movement outdoors, health, wellness and nutrition education is implemented throughout the school day and shared with families weekly in our school newsletter. Good physical activity practices are demonstrated in the cafeteria, classrooms and throughout the school with visual aids, such as posters.


Nutrition Standards: Our meal program aims to improve the diet and health of students, help mitigate childhood obesity, model healthy eating to support the development of lifelong healthy eating patterns, and support healthy choices while accommodating cultural food preferences and special dietary needs. Decisions made in our school programming reflect and encourage positive nutrition messages and healthy food choices. Nutrition guidelines are available from our caterer for all foods served on campus during the school day. Our main objective for is to promote student health and wellness and educate families on the risks of childhood obesity. Meals served by the caterer will be reviewed and monitored to meet guidance and regulatory standards of USDA and to maximize student participation in healthy meal choices for breakfast and lunch.

We offer meals that:

Are accessible to all students
Are appealing and attractive to children
Are served in clean and pleasant setting
Meet or exceed current nutrition requirements established by federal and state statutes and regulations
Promote healthy food and beverage choices

To promote hydration, free, safe, unflavored drinking water is available to all students throughout the school day at our water fountains. In addition, nutrition guidelines promoting student health to reduce childhood obesity for all foods at our school are encouraged to students, staff, and parents with visual aids posted in the building.


Other School Based Activities: Hickman Academy prides itself on the many efforts made to involve and educate parents on the variety of issues facing families, schools and communities. Our health and wellness goals are incorporated into planning school-based activities. We will integrate wellness activities across the entire school setting, not just in the cafeteria and gym. We will coordinate and integrate other initiatives related to physical activity, physical education, nutrition and other wellness components so all efforts are complementary and work towards the sane set of goals and objectives promoting student well-being, optimal development and strong educational outcomes.


We will promote to parents, families and the general community the benefits of and approaches for healthy eating and physical activity throughout the school year. Families will be informed and invited to participate in school-sponsored activities and will receive information about health promotion efforts through our school newsletter, parent workshops, student homework folders, information board display or sending information home to parents.


Implementation and Evaluation of Wellness policy: We are committed to being responsive to community input, which begins with awareness of our local wellness policy. The PTSA advisory board, the Executive Director and the Principal are responsible for the implementation and evaluation of our health and wellness program. We develop, implement, review and update our local wellness policy and program efficiency on a continual basis with feedback from our students, parents, food staff, PE teachers, board members, teachers, administrators and members of the public. Every effort is made to reinforce guidelines and measure program effectiveness to sustain a strong environment for learning. The local wellness policy will be updated at least every three years based on school needs, wellness goals met, new health science, information and technology emerging, and/or new federal or state guidelines or standards are issued. The local wellness policy and current progress report can be found displayed at the school display board and on our website: www.hickmanacademy.com. Requests for copies may be made to the front office during regular school hours.

Wellness Program Articles

2017 / 2018 Public Notice:

Hickman Academy Preparatory School provides breakfast and lunch to ALL students FREE of charge under the USDA National School Lunch Program within the Community Eligibility Program (CEP) structure. Our meals are catered by MCFI. Students have choice of milk daily.

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