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*Special Note:  All Parents completing the enrollment process online must contact our office at 414-578-1788 or hickman2u@aol.com to complete enrollment process


How do I get started to enroll my child at Hickman Academy?

All enrollment applications must be done online on the DPI website. Go to http://dpi.wi.gov/sms/choice-programs/student-applications

Click the box “Register” to make an account with your email address, password and phone #. You will get a confirming email from DPI that you have registered. Once you receive the email, you will go back in and apply. Before you begin the application, make sure you have your documentation with you because it will ask you for this information and what you enter online has to match the documentation that you will take to the school before the 20th of the month. Type your name and address exactly as it appears on your proof of residency.

If you are already attending Hickman Academy: Have your latest WE Energy bill / Cable TV bill / Check Stub / Foodstamps or Daycare letter, SSI letter, etc. with you. Put your full name and address exactly like it is on the bill (proof of Milwaukee residency).When you finish the application online, take the bill to the school or your application will be null and void.

If your child is going to high school or you are switching to another CHOICE school (see list of 2017/2018 schools at http://dpi.wi.gov/sms/choice-program), you will still follow the above process. If you run into problems with the system finding your child at the old school, call the school and ask them to tell you exactly how they entered your child’s name and verify the grade they put. The system will look for what the previous school put in last year and may have entered it wrong so it won’t link when you try to apply.

If you are coming from an MPS, charter or other type of school outside of the CHOICE system, you must provide income verification too. This is in the form of your 2016 federal taxes (other forms of income may be acceptable – check the DPI website or call the school). Have your 1040 federal taxes (2016) and your WE Energy bill (see above for other methods) with you when you begin the actual application online. You will need information from both documents. Once complete, take your documents to the school before the 20th of the month. Make copies and sign & date the taxes (1040 pg 2).

Sometimes, if you had a child (especially K4) start a CHOICE school in second semester (January), the online system may not find your child. If that is the case, start over with the application and proceed as if a new child.

WRITE DOWN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND PASSWORD USED IN THE SYSTEM. You might need them again if there are problems.

How do I know which Choice program I am eligible to apply for?

Hickman Academy is in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP). You must live in the CITY of MILWAUKEE (not county). There is a Racine and a Wisconsin program. We are not part of these programs. Choose Milwaukee Parental Choice Program when doing the application process.

What about my Income?

Hickman Academy is part of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP). The program has residency and income restrictions. You must live in the city of Milwaukee and be under the income levels based on your family size.

Basically, a family of 2 cannot make over $48,060.00 and a family of 6 cannot make over $97,740.00. Making anything under the amount is fine. Check the DPI website for all the levels and income maximums or call the school.

I heard about there being 2 methods for income verification?

Hickman Academy is in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP). The online system has two methods for parents to choose to verify their income to be eligible. One is called DOR (Dept. of Revenue). This is where you will enter your social security number and choose the option marked “DOR” in the online application. It means you are asking the IRS to find your tax filing and put in your income for you. However, if the IRS system cannot find a match to put in your application, your child’s application will be denied and you will not be able to apply to any Choice schools for the entire school year. Hickman Academy does NOT recommend you choose this option when applying.

The second method is called “DPI” income determination. You will answer a few questions of the type of money you have earned and amount and number of people in your household. You will then take your 2016 federal 1040 taxes (pages 1 & 2) to the school with the WE Energy bill for them to verify the income. If it is wrong or you get denied, you can apply again the following month with the correct documents. Hickman Academy highly suggests you use this method in your online application. This does NOT apply to continuing CHOICE students, only new students.

When can I enroll online?

Each school chooses their own months of enrollment. It can be anywhere between February 1st, 2017 to January 8th, 2018. Some of the months go through the 22nd, while others have shorter deadlines. As a rule of thumb, Hickman Academy suggests you plan to enroll as early as possible in the month and get your documents to the school by the 20th of the month. We accept applications for every month, except October and November. Applying in December is only for second semester in January. Seats fill up quickly, especially for kindergarten and middle school.

What about tuition?

The tuition at Hickman Academy is $8,000.00 per school year. However, students eligible under the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program attend FREE of charge because the state pays a voucher to the school for you. The voucher amount is currently $7,323.00, but we do not charge parents for the difference.

If my child is in one CHOICE school, can I switch to another CHOICE school?

Absolutely! However, make sure you are aware of the enrollment dates and requirements of the new school before applying. Hickman Academy only accepts students during its designated open enrollment periods. First semester enrollment ends on September 14th, 2017 and second semester enrollment ends on January 8th, 2018. You cannot switch a child from another school to our school after September 14th to attend for first semester. You must wait until December 1st to apply and switch schools and your child will begin attending on January 2nd, 2018 for second semester. Remember, if you run into problems while online in locating your continuing child, contact the school to see if an entry error was made or it was misspelled the year before.

Do I put ALL the members of my family down?

The MPCP online application will ask for you to put the members of YOUR household. This is not everyone in your family. If the child’s mother, father, or other siblings are not living in the home, do not put them on the form. Only list the adults and children currently living in the home together (including yourself). The system uses this list and total to calculate your income requirements.

Is there an age requirement for students?

The MPCP has age requirements for students entering K4, K5 and 1st grade. Your child must have a birthday BEFORE September 1st to enter these grades. For K4 – born by 8/31/2013. K5 – born by 8/31/2012 1st Grade – born by 8/31/2011. You cannot apply for second semester if your child has a late birthday. The rule is in effect for the whole school year.

How will I know if my child has been accepted?

Once you complete the online application and take your documentation to the school by the 20th of the month, you will receive notification from the school within sixty days. Hickman Academy may contact you by phone or email and always by postcard for acceptance or denial of CHOICE applications.

What do I do if I am denied?

There are many different reasons why a parent may receive a denial notice when their child’s application is found ineligible. The most common one is late submission of documents. You must complete the online application AND take your documents to the school by the 20th of that month. If you miss that, you must go online again and do another application on the 1st of the following month and take the documentation to the school by the 20th. Other common errors: dates on residency documentation too old; family makes too much income; taxes were not signed and dated; type of income document is not allowed; failed to bring other types of income proof (like W2, SSA, SSI, foodstamps, unemployment, kinship, etc.). All forms of income and financial assistance must be presented if you received it in 2016 (especially if you did not file taxes). Contact Hickman Academy directly for more details if you are denied to see if you can apply again and what to do.

What types of documentation do I need to apply?

Parents applying to Hickman Academy who were at our school last year (or another Choice school) must provide Proof of City of MILWAUKEE residency. The proof must be current (this month or last month). The proof must be in your name (parent) at your actual current address and must have the date on it. New students must additionally provide Proof of 2016 Income.


WE Energy Bill (the whole page)

Government Agency Letter (SSA, SSI, W2, Foodstamps, Unemployment, Fostercare, Kinship, Housing Assistance)

Time Warner (or other cable provider)

AT&T bill (no cell phone bills allowed)

Check Stub (must have date, name, address, AND year to date payroll information)

Water or Gas bill (City of Milwaukee)

Property Tax bill (if you own your house)

Rental Lease (only if it is for the year, typed and includes your name, household members and dates of lease coverage)

Homeless Shelter Letter (on the shelter’s letterhead, your name, child’s name, dates of occupancy, signed and dated with telephone # for verification)

Access.gov (printout showing the date, your name and address)

An SSA or SSI current Agency Letter may be used as both income and residency.


2016 Federal 1040 Taxes (pages 1 & 2 – signed & dated at school)

2016 W2 (year-end statement from job, use multiples if more than one job)

2016 Tax Form 1099 (from SSA or SSI)

2016 Tax Form 1098 (from SSA or SSI)

2016 W2 Printout (showing all W2 payments received each month for 2016 from AFDC)

2016 Foodstamps Printout (showing all Foodstamp payments received each month for 2016)

SSA Agency Letter (verifying you received dollar amount total for 2016 from SSA)

SSI Agency Letter (verifying you received dollar amount total for 2016 from SSI)

When you do not work, you must provide proof of how you paid for food, clothing and shelter. Therefore you would provide proof of W2 assistance, foodstamps, housing assistance, unemployment, child support, etc.

If you live with someone else, they must provide proof of income and residency for you.

Check stubs may NOT be used as proof of income (only residency).

An SSA or SSI current Agency Letter may be used as both income and residency.

What do I do if I have a foster child or kinship?

Under the MPCP, parents of a foster child or guardians of kinship do not have to provide their own income. You will provide the authorization letter from the court or agency stating: child’s name, date of decision, your name as guardian and address. This will be used for the child’s application. A kinship child is to be listed as a household of one on the application.

What if I need help or have problems with the online system?

Hickman Academy is available to answer any questions regarding enrolling at our school. Call 414-578-1788 or visit us at 4200 N. 51st Blvd (corner of Hope & 51st) and speak with an enrollment specialist. For technical problems, contact DPI at (888) 245-2732 or email them at PrivateSchoolChoice@dpi.wi.gov.

What if I don’t have a computer at home?

Hickman Academy has a full computer Lab and Enrollment Specialists onsite to assist you with the application process. Contact the school to register for an enrollment workshop or to make an appointment for assistance. Bring your proof of residency, income documentation, and children’s birth certificate, immunizations and last year’s school report card with you. NOTE: Continuing students of Hickman Academy do NOT need proof of income anymore (just residency – see list above).